A Pete Dye Golf Course

League Rules, Policies, and Tidbits

• USGA Rules apply at all times.

• The League is governed by the PCLL By-Laws (reviewed April, 2020) and PCLL Standing Rules (revised April, 2020.)

Eligibility – To be eligible to play in the League, each woman must be a paid member and have a USGA-approved handicap through Plum Creek. Membership in the League is also required to win a weekly prize. Non-members may play a maximum of two (2) rounds without joining.

Handicap - A USGA handicap index through Indiana Golf, with Plum Creek as home course, is a prerequisite to be eligible for tournament and season prizes in the League. The maximum Course Handicap allowed for our League is 36. If a new League member does not have a verified handicap index from the preceding year, she will acquire a handicap index after posting scores for a total of 54 holes (this may be a combination of 9 and/or 18 holes) from any course.

• Scores on league day will be posted for each member by the league. ALL other scores outside of league play must be posted by the member. The purpose of the World Handicap System (WHS) is to "enhance the enjoyment of the game of golf and to give as many golfers as possible the opportunity to: 1. Obtain and maintain a Handicap Index, 2. Use their Handicap Index on any golf course around the world, and 3. Compete, or play a casual round, with anyone else on a fair and equal basis." For more information on the World Handicap System (WHS), click here.

  • Fair handicapping depends upon full and accurate information regarding a player's potential scoring ability as reflected by a complete scoring record.  Every player is responsible for posting all valid and acceptable scores.  (The only scores not to be posted are listed in the Rules of Handicapping Rule 2. "2.1a/1-- Scores Not Acceptable for Handicap Purposes.")
  • For handicap purposes, Net Double Bogey (which replaces the former Equitable Stroke Control) must be applied to all scores, including tournament scores. If a player is playing a round in accordance with the Rules of Golf, the score must be posted. If it is a “practice” round, it should be declared prior to teeing off and should not be posted. Scores should be posted the same day as played. This is critical given that the new WHS updates your handicap index every time a score is posted. Your index will be updated and available the day after a new score is posted.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) has been replaced by Net Double Bogey. Click here for more information.

 • League Championship, a two-day tournament (36-hole), is typically played on consecutive Wednesdays in August. (See dates in “Signup”.) Our Championship is flighted and has a tee time start. To be eligible to compete, players must play both days, and they must also play in five League events prior to the Championship. (If Interclub falls on a Wednesday, Interclub play for a member will be considered a League event.) Payouts are for overall gross and overall net, as well as a gross and net winner in each flight. Guideline for withdrawing from the Championship: Once the start of play has begun, withdrawing is usually due to illness, injury, or a personal emergency. If, for any of these reasons, a member declares she is withdrawing from the tournament, it will be considered a courtesy to fellow players to stop playing and leave the course at that point.

• When playing from the forward tees at Plum Creek, there are no yellow (water) penalty areas. Play all water as a lateral (red) penalty area.

• Fescue (longer grass than the rough and usually runs parallel to the fairways) may be treated as a red penalty area.  Or if you choose to hit from the long grass, you MAY ground your club.  LOCAL RULE FOR LADIES LEAGUE PLAY ONLY. If not playing a League round, a ball in the fescue must be played as it lies or treated as an unplayable lie.  If lost, then the "lost ball" rule applies.

Official League Play will occur when at least 12 players have played 18 holes of golf. If inclement weather necessitates play to stop, it will then be considered official if 14 holes have been played. Scores for unplayed holes will be recorded as par plus any handicap strokes for each of the unplayed holes. In this case, the game will be low net.

Rainy Day Policy - Come to Plum Creek if you are not sure what is going to happen with league play that morning. If it looks “iffy” and you do not want to play, call the Pro Shop ASAP to let them know you are not playing. An official decision will be made at an appropriate time depending on the weather and the number of players present. If it is raining or a light mist is present, 12 players must finish 14 holes for it to be considered an official round. Scores for unplayed holes will be recorded as par plus any handicap strokes for each of the unplayed holes. The game for that day will be low net.

• Distance measuring devices (DMD’s) are allowed for League play and the League Championship.

To speed up play - when a player has reached her maximum score for that hole (net double bogey), she should pick up the ball and record that number on the scorecard. Exceptions to this are the League Championship and games in which a total score for the round and/or hole is necessary.

• Birdies and chip-ins
– Circle and note on your scorecard each week. These will be rewarded at the year-end awards.

Hole-in-One Pot – League fees cover the hole-in-one entry fee for all League members. If only one member scores a hole-in-one during official Wednesday League play, she will receive a cash payment of the entire pot at the year-end awards. If more than one member scores a hole-in-one during official Wednesday League play, the pot will be split equally among those members. If no one has a hole-in-one during this year’s season, the funds will be used at the discretion of the League committee towards the year-end lunch, awards, etc.

Ringer Scores – Cumulative best gross score on each of the 18 holes for the League season. These will be managed through the Ladies League website. After the first League round, the gross score for each individual hole will be recorded. Each subsequent round, your gross score for each hole will be recorded if it's better than previously scored. At the end of the season, awards are given for the lowest gross score in each flight.

• Any questions related to rules or scoring during play should be called to the attention of the playing group and a call made to the Pro for clarification. If the question cannot be resolved at that time, play a second ball (if necessary) on the hole, circle the hole on the scorecard, and give the scorecard and explanation to the golf Club Pro at the end of play.

• Etiquette:

  • Again, USGA rules shall be followed unless otherwise specified.
  • BE ON TIME. Golfers should be ready to tee off no less than 15 minutes prior to the start of play.
  • Be alert and courteous.
  • Be at your ball with club in hand and ready to play when it’s your turn.
  • Replace divots on the fairway, repair ball marks on the green and rake bunkers, leaving the rake in the bunker.
  • Record scores on the scorecard at the next tee so you do not delay the group behind you.
  • PLAY READY GOLF. Be prepared to hit your ball as soon as it is your turn. It’s okay to hit if another player is not yet ready.

Pace of Play:

  • Our goal is a four-hour round.
  • All golfers are expected to keep up with the group in front of them. If you are out of position, you need to speed up your play. If you are unable to keep up with the group in front of you, please allow the group(s) behind you to play through. (Few golfers think they are slow…please be aware if you are out of position.)
  • Click here for additional Pace of Play guidelines.