A Pete Dye Golf Course

Pace of Play Guidelines

  • Our goal is under a 4-hour round. (We’re usually playing in threesomes, so this shouldn’t be a problem.)
  • Play READY golf! Be ready when it is your turn to hit.
  • While riding to your ball, use the travel time to begin thinking over your next shot - the yardage, which club you'll use, and so on. Begin preparing before you get to your ball.
  • Carry a few extra tees, ball markers and a spare ball in your pocket(s) so you don't have to return to your golf bag to retrieve them should you need them.
  • Immediately hit a provisional ball when you think your shot might have landed out of bounds or be lost. Don't walk ahead to search, only to have to return to the original spot to replay a shot.
  • Limit your search for lost balls. Under the Rules of Golf, you are allowed a maximum of three minutes to search for a golf ball.
  • On the green, begin lining up your putt and reading the break as soon as you reach the green. When it's your turn to putt, be ready.
  • Leave your golf cart to the side of the green and in the direction of the next tee. Never leave your cart in front of the green.
  • Write down scores when you reach the next tee.
  • Use the groups ahead of you and behind you to gauge your pace. If the group that teed off directly in front of you is pulling away - putting a full hole's distance between them and your group - you need to speed up. If there's no one in front of you holding you up, but you are holding up those behind you, either speed up or allow the trailing group to play through.